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Merchantville, NJ

I have what it takes to take your business to the top.

My training as a Certified Internet Webmaster two years ago has given me the technical training to be able to give businesses the professional web site that business owners expect to compete on the internet. I have knowledge and experience in all phases of web development, specializing in HTML W3C standards, and a keen understanding of "Usability" guideline standards for successful web sites. (To review the Research-Based Usability Web Design Guidelines, click here).

I work with the latest software, Dreamweaver MX Studio to create and test all aspects of web pages. I also have tons of resources for specialized scripting that adds real value to web sites. I have a keen understanding of Javascripts that can add "rollovers", "pop-up" windows, "cookies" to remember users and many more. I also make sure I test all pages on different platforms on different browsers.

Another area of expertise is the development of Flash animations. You can review a simple version of my animation on my Home Page of my previous web site. I also have years of experience and talent in illustration that I can bring into developing eye-catching visuals at really adds value to a web site.

Are you interested in E-Commerce? No problem. I have the training and resources to develop an Access database of your products and put it into dynamic E-Store. Using ASP scripting, you can have pages that only Admin users can log into for adding content. I have the ability to add search feature and detail of product features that can be add to a "shopping cart". The only element you need from there is to set up a Merchant account and an on-line credit card verification service. You can see my sample of an E-Store with all these services at the Sip Studio Icon Store.

Do you need to have your web site known to the world? I have invested in marketing resources that can help market and sell your products or services around the world. I am well versed in knowledge of Search Engine submissions and I know all the ins and outs of having the right Meta Tags and knowing how and where to submit to the important high-powered Search Engines and Directories to keep you on top of the search list.

I also excel with Internet Marketing techniques to help business succeed on the internet. One option i insist all clients have on their home page is an Opt-In email databases where users can sign in to get information from your site and you can use the email database to keep your potential buyers updated with future information. I can also set up Auto Responders that can email to your list maybe a periodic newsletter or monthly specials. All you have to do is just type in what you want to send at one time and the scripts will do the rest. It's all about getting surfers and prior customers to keep coming to your site to purchase more from your business.

The internet is limitless to what can be accomplished in business. I heard of a person making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling Tumble Weed of all things! If one can make money selling Tumble Weed on the internet, anything is possible if done right. By the way , the person selling Tumble Weed is using the same marketing products that I have invested in.

I urge you to give me a try. The consultation is Free and again, my work comes with a Guarantee! So what do you have to loose? And what do you have to gain?

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