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Here you will find the links for a variety of resources for the development and marketing of web pages. These resources are just about everything you need to have a successful web site, from choosing an ISP all the way to marketing your site. Most of the links have other resources within each link, so feel free to explore!

HTML General Resouces:

HTML Design Tutorials:  Ready to use templates for Design, Photoshop, Flash.  Great source for general HTML tutorials.  One stop source for web development; one of the best!  Great tutorials of all kinds; CD trainings are the best!  HTML Codes, HTML Scripts, Javascript codes, other resources. Web Developers source for downloads, scripts, and codes.

Dreamweaver Tutorials:

Web Design Workshop   Robin Williams. Stoch Images, Photographs, Web SSite, Developmen, Slice/Dicing, Backkgrounds, HTL Fonts;more!t,
Lynda Goodman Tutorials  Very good source; CD's are great!
CBT Cafe Tutorials  Great assortment of tutorials, specializing in Dreamweaver.
WebThang Tutorials  Most comprehensive and easiest tutorials to follow.
DMX Zone (Dreamweaver)  One of the biggest resources for Dreamweaver.
ROBGT (UltraDev, SQL)  Dreamweaver tutorials plus other resources.
Dreamweaver Team A good general resource for Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver Fever  Small site but good for beginners.
Attack Monkey  Good resource but many ones are "coming soon".
Ultra Dev Guru  Great tutorials plus Message Board.

Dreamweaver Extensions:

Yaromat (DW)  Specialized extensions for Dreamweaver.
MX Extensions  Great for Dreamweaver extensions plus many other tutorials.
DMX Zone (DW) Assortment of extensions plus tutorials.
The Patty Site  General Dreamweaver resources plus a few extensions.
Ultra Suite  Some important extensions but some are not for free.
Dreamweaver Team  Good assortment of extensions.


Web Hosts/ISP's:  Start here to find choose a DNS name to register.
VirtualAve,net Free web hosting to get you started  For only $9.95/month you get about a GIG of space plus ColdFusion.  Only $7.95/month with all the features you would need. Excellent prices for what you get. Options for E-Commerce are great.  Lots of features for $9.95/month, with options for Windows or Unix and support.  Cheap place to start e-commerce.   CNET recommended; with all the features with very good support.  Sip Studio's host; only $8.95/month, including mulit-databases. Free ColdFusion hosting plus tutiorial and CF help forums.


Advanced Wed Tools/Scripts:

Webmonkey General good place for tools for basic web development. Loaded with lots of stuff for web development and web business tips.  CGI programs helps your web site do stuff; sendforms, etc.  Best place for java scripts; ads functionality to pages.  Great many scripts, including HTML codes and javascript's.  Some templates and other tools.
EasyCFM   Script tutorials for ColdFusion


Stock photo houses:

Picture Quest  One of the biggest assortment plus customer support.
Getty One Photo  Another great one for large database of photos; great for ideas.
Yahoo Free Stock Images  Includes Free photo plus a good general assortment.
Stock Market Photo  Hi quality photos...rights reserved and royal free.
MediaFocus Photo Purchase  OK site for photos.
Food F/X Images  Just food photos.
Photosphere Stock House  Good for royal free photos.
Stock Photo Deskbook  Most comprehensive resource of licensed photos.
1 StopStock; Multi search  Great mulit-searches for photos by subject.
SuperStock  Both Rights Protected and Royal Free... Full service support.
Comstock Photos  Professional stock photo house...great customer support.


Graphic Resources:

Corel Clip Art  Over 1,000,000+ images; unlimited amount by monthly charge.
Artville Stock Art  Best for illustrations for specific subjects and styles.
IconBazaar Free Icons  Good general free icons and small graphics for web sites.
Microsoft Free Icons  Another good source for general graphics for web.
Font Pool Free Fonts  Just a whole bunch of fonts you would ever need.
Amazon--Free Fonts  Another great site for fonts, for mac or pc.


Search Engines  Best place to submit your site to get to the top of searches.  Best overall basic search submissions to over 300 search engines.
Yahoo  Oldest and still the best for basic searches; uses directory listings.
Google  Great for detail searches; uses "crawling" to find the pages.
Ask  Ask Jeeves is a great place to search by complete sentences.
Alta Vista  Great place for searching, with complete directories.
Excite  Search listings and great many other searchable items.
Webcrawler  Great search engine using "crawling" method.
What is?  It is now part of TechTarget Network...Another good category search.
Lycos  Basic search engine, but free site submit.
Go  Part of Google; Headline news and other directory stuff.
AOL  Good for AOL users.  Sounds like another scam site. But this guy Stuart A. Lichtman is a real guru, not so much on marketing, but intense course for setting goals. He is well respected for teaching to big corporations and offers the same exercises for a lot less.  Cory Rudl is one of the real gurus of web marketing. He's been around the longest and is one of the richest men making money from the internet. Offers excellent educational packages for tools for marketing. This is what I rely on for most of my resources for web marketing.  Source for getting free newsletters and free content to add to your site to attract customers.  Great site for a variety of free content, including e-books, free scripts, etc.  Another site for adding content of all subjects for your site.  The best training materials that you can use to generate thousands of dollars a month from this Affiliate system alone.  Permission email marketing with over 400 segments of email lists.

D&  Help you identify and reach your most profitable prospective customers and optimize relationships with existing customers.

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